The Start of a New Year in Lima

I swear that some day I'll get back to a regular blogging schedule. Maybe. I constantly have things I want to say about my experiences here in Lima, but I never seem to have time to write them down. This week has been one of "those weeks" as an expat (you know, where I can't seem to find anything at the grocery store, including milk in two stores on two different days, bananas, carrots, and a host of other rather common items; where I get a haircut that doesn't turn out quite as expected thanks to my nonexistent "salon Spanish"; and where I nearly die a dozen different times while driving Jack to and from his swim lessons this week). But I try to remind myself that I had plenty of "those weeks" in America too - life can just be challenging sometimes, wherever you are.

At any rate, I've just published my second freelance article for Spanish At Home, a website that helps people learn Spanish! Here are the links to the articles, one about taking taxis in Latin America, and the second about regional variations in Spanish words.

I have some expat goals for this year, including taking Spanish classes at the embassy and riding lessons at the barn nearby, as well as all kinds of travel. We took a recent trip to Huaraz, a city in the mountains, while John's family was visiting, and we've got a trip to Arequipa and Colca Canyon coming up in just a few weeks with my parents! Then my sister Amy and her husband are coming for a visit and I'm heading to Cuzco with them, and finally making it to Machu Picchu.

As for general life goals, I'm working on a new novel that I really love and trying to get a little healthier this year. As I mentioned in my last post, it's been a little rough on the immune system since moving here, but I'm hoping more exercise, meditation, and a healthier diet will help. I've got a week-long writer's conference coming up in April that I'm super excited for, and beyond that, we'll see! I have high hopes for 2016. Happy New Year!


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