Russia On My Mind

It's funny how a couple of weeks ago I thought we were "moving on" from Russia, and lately it seems like I just can't shake it. Obviously Russia is very much in the news these days, but I'm talking about on a personal level. First, the lovely Barbara (who sent me those postcards I blogged about) sent me a beautiful wooden bowl and scarf from Yekaterinburg. For whatever reason, those items have made me strangely nostalgic for Yekat. Barbara seems to have a knack for finding the best things! I was also going through old photos the other day (Of the 2,000 photos on my phone, half were since Will was born. Heh.) and found some nice shots I took while showing my friend Erin the sights.

I also made a collage of all the painted wooden houses I photographed from a van window. They don't do the houses justice, but I couldn't bear to delete them all!

And, since I have one of the very few English-language blogs about Yekaterinburg, Foreign Service officers and their family members seem to find me that way. So next weekend we're getting together with three FSOs heading to Yekat in the coming year. There is so little information out there about Yekaterinburg as a post, I feel like it's kind of my duty to help others heading that way.

It's funny - I was talking to John the other day about how weird this lifestyle is, how we're expected to adapt to another culture for two years and then just move on to something else. But we never really move on completely, do we? I can't wait to get to Peru and start making new memories to add to the collection!


  1. Love the pictures - I found you from your blog a year before we moved here! Thanks for sharing your insight - 3 new families - very exciting!


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