Hooray for Summer Turnovers

No, this is not a recipe for a delicious pastry. It's a post about what's known as "turnover season" in the Foreign Service.

Even though people trickle in and out of posts throughout the year, summer is when most turnovers occur. I'm going to guess at the reasons behind this: easier for kids to start school, better weather for moving, language training tends to end in the spring, etc. At a post as tiny as ours, summer turnover season can mean a change in up to a third of the staff, so it's kind of a big deal.

This week, we got three shiny new folks at post, including a new Consul General (aka head honcho) and a new Visa Chief and his wife. I met Barbara through my blog way back last February or March, after we found out we were coming to Yekat, and we even got a chance to meet in real life before we moved out here. Barbara and John have three children and a granddaughter the same age as Jack. In fact, it was Barbara who introduced Jack to the world of Thomas with his very first train.

Today Barbara and I had lunch and meandered around our neighborhood. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have a friend out here, someone I already knew I liked, who loves kids, who enjoys hanging out and talking as much as I do. I've always said it doesn't matter where you are; it matters who you're with. I'm so lucky to have the two loves of my life out here with me, but sometimes a gal just needs a friend.

I'm happy to say, things are looking up here in Russia.


  1. Mara - so happy to be here - and having you show me around my new home was wonderful - I am so happy you and Jack (and John too!) are close by - call me! I promise I will learn how to answer my phone.


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