Well, I am REALLY glad it's Friday, but the title of this post was actually inspired by today's lunch at - that's right - TGI Friday's. Can you believe we have one here in Yekaterinburg?

One really strange thing here in Yekat - the "business lunch" is super cheap ($5 for soup and salad), but then you'll have things like this dessert that cost about $10. Welcome to Russia.

Anyway, I apologize for not blogging last week. See, we got our HHE (household goods shipment) last Friday, and it's amazing how quickly my excitement at seeing all of our stuff, here, finally, turned to horror and eventually sheer exhaustion. Somehow, everything seemed to multiply ten-fold between here and DC. When the movers arrived and started dropping off boxes, I honestly didn't know how we were going to fit everything.

Then I got to my clothing. Note to self: next time we move, make sure the movers put my clothing in WARDROBE BOXES instead of just flinging everything into flat boxes. Suffice it to say, not a single piece of my hanging clothing was wearable this week because it was a wrinkled mess. Argh!

Aside from a couple of minor breakages and a few things arriving that were supposed to go to storage, it went relatively smoothly. John and I spent our entire three-day weekend unpacking. You know that stage of the move where you feel like you're just moving pieces from point A to point B without actually accomplishing anything? I had that feeling for three straight days. But now, finally, our house is starting to feel like a home. We just have to hang pictures and lay down rugs, and we'll be finished.

Of course, there's still the matter of our car, which is stuck in some sort of government black hole (even though it's been sitting in the consulate parking lot for over a week). Again, welcome to Russia.



  1. a real welcome home :_) Isn't it amazing how much one really accumulates and can actually do without. A year later, we're still trying to figure that out.. For sure you will be glad to have your wheels though....It's Fall here and beautiful colours- sounds like Winter has set in for you....keep the home fires burning :-)
    Hugs, Us

  2. Oh moving is no fun. Good luck getting the car and everything unpacked. Also, the picture on the TGIFriday's menu looks yummy!


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