Costco Craziness

Today was the day. The big day. The COSTCO day. We came. We shopped. Did we conquer? John likened us to Egyptian slaves pushing giant slabs of pyramid across the desert, so perhaps not. But we came in under our predicted budget of $1500 (just barely). All in all it was a successful day.

With one of our two carts. We were not pallet people, but we were close.
The watermelon will not be coming to Russia. Just FYI.

Jack sports his new wannabe Uggs.
Sorry for the short - and late - post. But the count down is on. It's madness around here, as you can see. Oh, and for the record, the State Department movers don't come on Saturday. A good thing to find out the week before your scheduled Friday/Saturday move, right?


  1. I just can't get over Jack's cuteness.

  2. Costco is killer at getting you to pack your car full. And Jack's a cutie! Love that smile!

  3. Hilarious. I didn't know "pallet people" was a thing. And Jack looks soooo cute.

  4. LOL. I just have to say that I live in a border town on the Us/Canadian border and your load doesn't look half as bad as most of the Canadians who are just shopping for a week or two down in the States. Very reasonable, if you ask me.


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