Hello, I'm Moving to Russia

Good news today! I actually DID get the job I was convinced I didn't get. The worst part is I got the offer over a week ago, but the email never came through. I can't tell you how many times I replayed that interview in my head, thinking, "But why didn't I say THIS?" Argh! Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it since it's not official yet, but let's just say I'll be surrounded by Americans for 20 hours a week in Yekat, and that's a very good thing. You know, since I don't speak Russian and all.

Anyway, today's blog post actually has nothing to do with the job. You see, earlier today Jack and I took a little trip to National Geographic to visit Sha Sha, and Jack was strolling around from cube to cube, stealing magnets and tiny zebras (as you do). And then one of Sarah's friends, who I'd never actually met in person before, said, "I hear you're moving soon."

It's funny how I keep forgetting that we're moving to Russia in a little over four months.

And then the inevitable next question: "Are you getting excited?"

At which point I think to myself, "Holy crap, we're moving to Russia!"

Earlier today I received a phone call from a language program for toddlers (we attended a free French class a year ago - totally worthless, although Jack liked running around with the maracas). Apparently I'd said I was interested in future French classes for Jack (doubtful). Anyway, the woman wanted to know if I'd like to sign up, and I said, "Oh, actually, we're moving to Russia this summer."

"Where?" the woman said.


"Oh! That's far!"

Well yes, it is. "Yeah. So we probably won't need French classes. Thanks anyway."

It all comes off a bit snobby, doesn't it? "Hi, I'm moving to Russia." A couple of times I've been shopping for winter clothes and I've had to explain that we're moving to Yekaterinburg in August, and it sort of stops people in their tracks. And it's not that I'm bragging - I mean, I AM moving to Russia in August. But I can see people thinking I'm a totally obnoxious human being (which I am, but for other reasons entirely). And for the next thirty years or so, I'm going to be saying that kind of thing to people. "We just got back from Russia. We're moving to South America in seven months. La dee da." Ugh. I hate Future Me already.

So, um, yeah. I'm Mara, and I'm moving to Russia. Holy crap.


  1. I remember that French class. Clare loved cleaning up the maracas and cared nothing for any of the French.

  2. I remember that class, too. It definitely was unremarkable.

  3. Congratulations on the job! I usually just get a confused "you're-moving-WHERE?" question usually followed up with a "WHY {would-you-ever-go-there}" question, and then by a "WHAT {the-heck} will you do there" question. So at least you can answer all of those questions now...ha! That departure date IS sneaking up on us, huh?

  4. Lauren and Suzanne - can you believe that was like a year ago already? Where has the time gone? The kids would probably get a lot more out of it now! Ha!

    Stephanie - I suppose I can answer the where and what now! Still not sure anyone understands the why (as in, why did you agree to do this?)! And yes, the date is rapidly approaching!! Gah!


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