Fish Under a Fur Coat

I have been very lucky to have the wife of the person currently in John's position as a go-to for questions that a CLO would normally be answering. She's helped us with all kinds of things, from coat advice, car recommendations, what to bring, etc. Today she kindly sent me a couple of websites that explain some common Russian dishes. I was rolling right along, practicing my Cyrillic, when I came upon a dish with a name so horrid it stopped me in my tracks.

Fish Under a Fur Coat.

Apparently it's so cold in Russia even the food wears fur. Blargh. The link to the recipe was not only horrifying, but it came with an amusing translation to boot. Here's the link. My notes are in red.
Herring under a fur coat. Photo-a prescription

You will need: a herring - 1 piece. Potatoes - 1 piece. Beets - 1 piece. Egg - 1 piece. Mayonnaise - to taste. Gee, you gotta love the super specific instructions here, right? One piece of beet? No problem!  
Photo 01 Herring gut, to separate the fillets from the bones and try to remove any small bones.
Now here I'm a little confused. Am I gutting the herring, or using the gut to separate? Either way - blech! 

Photo 02
Prepared fillets cut into pieces (can be quite large, and can be quite small, as someone like that) and lay flat on the bottom of the salad. Chopped onion and sprinkle over the fish.   
As someone like that...yeah, I'm one of those someones who prefers to be cut up into small pieces. 
Photo 03 Boil potatoes in their jackets, peel and cut into small cubes. Put it on a layer of fish. Layer potato mayonnaise.
Mayo, boiled potatoes, and fish. Kinda says it all. 
Photo 04 Boiled egg chopped (or rubbed on a coarse grater) and sprinkle on a layer of potatoes with mayonnaise.
Photo 05 The last layer is sprinkled with grated boiled beetroot and plenty of mayonnaise. The finished salad can be decorated with slices of egg and greens.
I'm guessing the grated beet is the fur coat here. Lovely, right? But don't worry, you can dress it up with some dill! 

Gee, I found myself thinking, if this is what I have to look forward to in Russia, I'm screwed. Any culture that thinks putting the word "fur" in the title of a recipe is a good idea is clearly not on my wavelength. But I pressed diligently on, praying I'd find something that wasn't just veggie-friendly but also mildly appetizing.

I stopped at headcheese.


  1. I think I'm going to work, " someone like that," into my conversations from now on. Just a heads up.


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